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Zody is a combination of the Greek name Zoe and the Irish name Cody. These names stand for 'life'and 'help.'As such Zody is helping people in their lives and helping them to find Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

 You find us on Facebook to at https://www.facebook.com/zodyeu/?pnref=story or https://www.facebook.com/fjmstout?fref=ts

Our first and foremost mission is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Next to that we focus on raising up disciples, the future missionaries, and we also help practical, such as with cloths, food and teaching different skills.

We work in Pata-Rât (also known as Dallas), Cantonolui and Coastei, three Roma/gypsy ghettos at the edge of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, next to the garbage dump or land fill. We work (especially) with children and teenagers and weekly around 250 children/teenagers attend our programs. At the moment we run more then ten different programs, led by different volunteers.

Our vision is by 2020 to reach out with the teenagers from the ghettos to other Roma/gypsies ghettos in and around Cluj-Napoca. Teenagers from a place that society says it is impossible to bring a change will be reaching out with the message of Hope of Jesus Christ. This is the heart of God, Who makes the impossible possible.

Our vision is to give hope in hopeless situations. There where is no hope anymore, where people are discouraged and do not know how to continue life, there we want to bring the hope of Jesus Christ that everything will change for those that trust in Him.

To reach Pata-Rât and the areas around, we want to raise a new generation, that follows Jesus Christ and reaches out with impact to it's own culture.
This does not happen in one day, therefor we have the following approach:

Salvation: Repenting to the forgiving of sin, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is the only thing in life that has eternal value. It is also the realisation that we can do nothing through our own power. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Savior then he or she also becomes open for new (Biblical) values. Only when somebody is open for change (even without yet being saved), only than aid has a longterm effect. We select those that are open for the next step.

Educaton: Teaching of general knowledge and Biblical truths. Education is essential in order to break old habbits and to overcome the circle of povertry. Most Roma are illitarate and never finished elemantary school. Because of this there is a lack of knowledge, both general knowledge as the knowledge of Biblical principles. Education brings a change and teaches longterm thinking and how to live according to honorable (Biblical) principles. It is a long process, in which we stand next to the people to slowly see the change in somebodies thinking and living.

Integration: Breaking out of the circle of povertry and becoming a member of society, completely and under good circumstances. It also includes being part of a local church, where they help others in turn, to receive a better future, both spiritual as material. At the end somebody becomes independent (that is without help from others) and will reach out to others.

Where ever needed we also help practical. 

You can contact them on http://www.zody.eu/contact/index.html



In order to invest more in the children and teenagers we are working to open a summer camp. We purchased a piece of property on 12 kilometers from the slums. With containers we want to build a camp building. Our dream is to take the children and teenagers, that live and work in the garbage, to a clean and peaceful enviroment. A place where they can relax and enjoy, and where we can talk with th...

Humanitarian Aid

In the slums there is a shortage of virtual everything. Many families fight to survive and go hungry regular. For this reason we try to help practical where we can. We have a 50m2 depot with cloths where we make cloth parcels for the families. Next to that we also help incidentally with food, glasses for children and school supplies.


The programs are the main core of our ministry. They provide a heaven of peace for the people from the slums and are a moment to meet the children and youth and to tell them about Jesus Christ and teach Biblical principles. We run programs especially in the weekend and evenings, when the children that do go to school also can attend. In the last years close to 300 different children and teenagers...